Sunday, February 05, 2006

Why The Enclave Is Necessary

We are fast approaching the destruction of Mother Earth - a process that has been in motion for centuries, since the energies of male and female were thrown off-balance. Time has been unforgiving, and it's taught us only one thing: only through balance can the earth and all of its life sustain itself.

The persistent onslaught of male energy for the last thousand years has corrupted mankind, raped Mother Earth, and is slowly killing off humans and all life on the planet. This is not to blame and judge men or women - we have all been unconciously lost and rightly corrupted by all of the power handed to men. And men have been duped into thinking their physical strength was a symbol of world power, and a birthright to destroy and oppress anyone weaker than them.

Women must either step up to the plate and undo centuries of men dividing and conquering us, or continue quivering in the corner and watch their Earth, their children, and themselves die a slow miserable death.

Only the unification of women can save the destructive path mankind is on. Women - save your children, your men, and yourselves, or watch Mother Earth violently purge us all in order to save Her planet.


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