Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Push for Positivity

The push for positive light is becoming more and more intense in the universe these days. The battle for good vs. evil seems to clash harder and stronger now more than ever. I contemplate this phenomenon often, each day, and not just from reading the news, but through reflections of this war in my own daily life.

It is hard to be a peaceful warrior in these times. There are dark, negative forces lurking in every corner, but we cannot be closed in fear. We have to re-light our skulls (such as the Baba Yaga does for us in the tale of Vasalisa - courtesy of Dr. Estes) and "see what there is to see." And we must see it clearly and truthfully, without wavering our attention and focus.

Big events tend to harness greater clashes, and it is at these times that we must remain vigilent. There is nothing to fear but fear itself and nothing to run from that won't enrich our lives and spirits if we stand still. The greatest tool in the war is forgiveness. It is the greatest tool and the most difficult to establish. The drive and need and want to be angry and resentful is powerful and potent and hard to fight. But once we overcome that step, we are in control of the war.

Fight the good fight, all of you Amazon women out there. The battle has yet to be won.